September 27, 2023

‘Empowering the Next Generation;Srishti’s Workshop Leaves an Indelible IMPACT’ In this world of technology, it is essential to nurture student’s minds. Srishti Campus, under the esteemed banner of Chrysalis Cell, recently hosted a dynamic one-day workshop and interactive session that brought together over 200 students and faculty members from various colleges across Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  This event proved to be a resounding success, thanks to the active participation and enthusiastic engagement of all attendees. The event’s highlight was the presence of Mr. […]

The Path to Your Dream Career: Crafting the Perfect Resume and Nailing Interviews

September 20, 2023

Securing the dream job is a challenging feat. It is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. One of the crucial starting points on this path is crafting a stellar resume and excelling in job interviews. Regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, the professional quality of your resume and your interview performance are pivotal factors that can make your career aspirations. Most job seekers often need help with the creation of a compelling resume and performing […]

Best Software Practices You Need To Know..Know what an Amazon employee has to say! 

September 2, 2023
software training institute

The constant thriving of artificial intelligence in today’s time is quite intimidating on its own. With this, having clarity over the best software practices is also quintessential. However, it can be easier than one may think sans complicated jargon and commands.  In the process of breaking down the best software engineering practices in 2023, Biju Soman, a Software Development Manager at Amazon, took an insightful session.  The power-packed session was unfurled with inquisitive questions and answers, a quick look at life at Amazon, […]


May 17, 2023
uiux training

Every application or website that you see online has UX/UX. UI/UX design involves designing, optimising, displaying relevant features, etc in a website or application. UX design focuses on creating products that address and solve real problems for users. The ultimate aim is to provide the user with a better experience.That is why you should learn web designing/UI/UX  in 2023! Learn UI and UX design courses from Srishti Campus, the best software training centre in Trivandrum. How can a better UI/ UX increase profit? A good UX design provides users […]


May 8, 2023
srishti campus

Adding many more laurels to its career of 15+ years, Srishti Campus is growing to grand openings. The campus is now opening to a full-fledged space with a brand new office exclusively for students passionate about emerging and demanding technologies in the IT sphere. A complete office-like aesthetic with advanced quality training is what the campus looks forward to in the coming days and years. The new office now promises a student-friendly campus with easy accessibility to every resource during the learning journey. […]

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