Mean Stack


Mean Stack

  • 60 hrs
  • 90% placement

Mean Stack Internship

  • 365 hrs
  • 90% placement


Struggling to be a specialist Mean Stack developer? Join the best mean stack training center in Trivandrum

Mean Stack developers are in high demand in the IT sector because of their grip on languages like JavaScript and the like. Join the best Mean stack training centre and learn the framework with the best software trainers. Srishti Campus is the best software training centre in Trivandrum. With a dedicated task force of 20+ trainers, the campus has been following the motto of a 100% placement.

Perks of learning Mean Stack Training from Srishti Campus

Students can have in-hand experience of the latest technologies of the Software and IT universe. Some of the exciting courses we provide are: 

PHP Training

Android Training

Angular JS Training

Python Training

Django Training

C/C++ Training

Project Training 

MEAN Stack Training

Free Resume Building

B.Tech Projects

Java Training

iOS Training